About the Site:

I created this site to create a giant compendium of information for people from all walks of life within the gear, shooting, survival, etc. communities. I also did it because I love to write and I love gear. As the popular internet meme once said, why not both? Exactly… why not both? :D

About the author:

I’m an active duty airman who, honestly, got bit by the gear and outdoors bug at a young age and still has yet to snap out of it. I have an unhealthy obsession for gear, the outdoors, hiking, survival, and all that lovely stuff. My favourite, among all those topics, is field medicine. I absolutely love the sound of treating trauma in the field, and I also love doing it. I also love to shoot and have been doing so since I was around 7. I’ve been doing gear since I was around 14.


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